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All of the Early Years children from Pre-Nursery to Year 2 have participated in our carousel of sporting activities this week within their individual Sports’ Days. It was wonderful to see how the children’s physical skills have developed, as they were able to demonstrate everything that they have learnt within their weekly Physical Education lessons. We saw children balancing, running, throwing, jumping, hopping and transporting. It was joyful to see our parents and families sharing in such a wonderful experience. A very big thank you to our P.E. team for organising such a successful event.

February 25, 2019
Early Years - Year 2 Sports Day 2018/19

Early Years Sports Day 18/19

February 21, 2019

Malvern Marathon 18/19

February 11, 2019
Foster Charity Dress-up Day 18/19

Foster Charity Dress-up Day 18/19

January 22, 2019
fantasia Day 18/19

Fantasia Day 18/19