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Malvern College Egypt recognises the importance of children and young people’s wellbeing on their attainment and is determined to promote mental and physical development.

At Malvern College Egypt, pupils will have the chance to discuss their emotions, set positive life goals, and learn how to cope with everyday pressures and social media through life skills sessions. These sessions will provide information to allow pupils to make informed choices about lifestyle and will answer key questions on a vast range of topics, from how to choose universities to how to deal with bullying.

Parental help sessions will be held to look at ways we can protect our children from the dangers of online risks that they may be unaware of.

As children the world over are becoming more anxious and depressed because of the 24-hour demands of their social media accounts, examination pressures and 21st Century life in general, schools have a key role in helping to ease anxiety for our entire community.

We aim to build self-discipline, self-confidence, and to develop communication and leadership skills in our pupils, who emerge as lively, articulate young adults ready to contribute widely to the global community.