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Pupils are organised into classes which are part of a year group as follows:

Malvern College Egypt ClassAge at 1st October
Pre-Nursery2 Years 6 Months
Nursery3 Years 6 Months
Reception4 Years 6 Months
Year 15 Years 6 Months
Year 26 Years 6 Months
Year 37 Years 6 Months
Year 48 Years 6 Months
Year 59 Years 6 Months
Year 610 Years 6 Months
Year 711 Years 6 Months
Year 812 Years 6 Months
Year 913 Years 6 Months
Year 1014 Years 6 Months
Year 1115 Years 6 Months
Year 1216 Years 6 Months
Year 1317 Years 6 Months

Difference between the 12 Year and 13 Year Pathway

The 13 Year Pathway

As with Malvern College UK and most other British International Schools around the world, Malvern College Egypt also offers a system whereby pupils are able to graduate at the end of Year 13. In this pathway, pupils will complete (I)GCSE qualifications by the end of  Year 11. Pupils will then move into the Sixth Form programme to study for their final two years A-Levels or IBDP.

Either of these programmes will give pupils the opportunity to achieve grades and the required number of qualifications to study at any University around the world in most cases this would not require the study of the Foundation Year course prior to the Degree.

The 12 Year Pathway

Malvern College Egypt offers pupils the opportunity to graduate from Secondary School at the end of Year 12. For some pupils, who have not studied in other countries or are age appropriate to complete their studies at the end of Year 12, this will allow for application to universities throughout Egypt or onto Foundation Year courses and subsequent degrees at other universities around the world. Any pupil wishing to take this pathway will be required to take the full complement of IGCSE examinations at the end of  Year 10. They will then be able to take tailored A-Level Programme or IBDP Programme.