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Headmaster’s Welcome

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Malvern College Egypt (MCE), part of the Malvern College family of schools.

The College initially opened in August 2016 catering for just over 300 pupils from Nursery to Year 9. In September 2019 the College began its fourth year of activity with 780 pupils from Pre-nursery through to Sixth Form. The College offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) as well as the internationally recognised pre-university qualifications of ‘A’ levels. In May 2019 the College became an IB World School, authorised to offer the IB Diploma Programme to our pupils from September 2019. Our full application has involved a consultation process and the creation and review of a wide range of policies and documents as well as embedding IBO values and ethos in the College curriculum. Alongside this achievement, Malvern College Egypt became a member of the British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) this year.

MCE is a young school, however we are fortunate to be able to welcome over 150 years of experience in education from our mother school, Malvern College UK. They provide regular inspections based on a set of high academic standards to which we must exhibit adherence, as well as regular visits to the school to provide educational insight and expertise. We are proud to be a member of the Malvern family of schools and enjoy close ties with both Malvern College UK and Malvern’s other international schools elsewhere in the world.

At Malvern our pupils always come first. The College offers a friendly, personal, caring and student-centred learning environment where your child will be known, and their learning tailored to maximise their development. Our aim is to provide an appropriate and balanced level of academic challenge, which will enable each pupil to realise his or her potential, while ensuring that all the children in our care are happy, confident, well-motivated, enthusiastic learners who are excited about life in the 21st Century.

MCE is academically selective, and follows an enhanced form of the English National Curriculum, which has an excellent reputation worldwide. Our emphasis is on learning and how pupils learn, rather than just content. We place a great deal of importance on our pupils’ ability to work collectively, as well as independently, in developing their own thinking. MCE places equal importance on intellectual and on personal and social development. We concentrate on four core areas throughout the College: academic excellence; development of the performing arts, commitment to sport, and engagement within our community.

Performing arts will be at the heart of MCE. We intend to provide every pupil with the chance to perform in choirs, orchestras, plays, full productions, in groups, as part of an ensemble or individually as soloists.

Involvement in sport offers tremendous opportunities to develop social and leadership skills, as well as naturally promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle for our pupils. We encourage our pupils to participate in the extensive range of sporting co-curricular activities on offer at MCE, whether it be competitive or recreational, for them to discover the enjoyment that comes from playing together as a team or participating in an event as an individual. Tournaments and fun sports days will take place on a regular basis. We believe in the benefits of competitive sport where we play to win and give our all, but also learn to accept defeat with dignity and respect befitting a Malvern student.

Our website clearly shows you the facilities at MCE which are designed to enhance your child’s learning experience. The College has also, in response to the on-going issue of air pollution, installed a comprehensive air purification system to ensure the very best indoor air quality for our community. Additionally, our dining hall prepares and serves local produce to offer your child the healthiest food possible.

However, facilities, while important, are only a part of a school. It is the quality of the people, the teaching and the support staff, which makes a school special. At MCE we are fortunate to have a highly skilled, committed and friendly staff who will give their very best efforts for our children. All our teachers are well-qualified professionals who bring a depth of international knowledge with them.

At the centre of MCE are our pupils with their own needs, dreams, successes and challenges. We believe in the traditional values of good manners, respectful behaviour, and politeness. These are life skills of the utmost importance for our pupils which we expect them to adopt, understand and welcome. Whether you are visitors to Egypt, or you have been in Cairo a long time and regard it as home, we will be there hand in hand with your child as they progress along their learning journey to adulthood and beyond.

MCE is an exhilarating, vibrant and fun place to be. Our promise to you is that in return for your trust and support, we will deliver confident, happy, polite, internationally-minded achievers ready to succeed in the future.


Warmest Regards
Wayne Maher