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We aim to teach children how to grow into positive, responsible people who can co-operate with others while developing knowledge and skills in order to fulfil their potential. The Primary School curriculum is based on the Key Stage 1 and 2 areas of the English National Curriculum. The overall curriculum is broad in nature of subjects, with specialist teachers supplementing the main class teacher in areas from Music to Physical Education.

What we look for in our Entrance Assessments

All Primary School pupils will sit some form of written assessment during the admissions process at MCE, while older pupils (for entrance to Year 4 and above) will also undertake an online cognitive ability test. Written assessments are largely designed to give the College an indication of the child’s ability within the reading and writing of English. For pupils to be able to access the demands of the MCE curriculum they not only need a secure level of English language proficiency but must also demonstrate strong overall academic abilities.

As part of the entrance assessment process, all pupils will meet one or more members of the academic staff. During these meetings, pupils will be asked a range of questions to explore their approach/attitude toward learning. Although academic background and potential are important factors within our admission process, we also put equal weighting into the overall potential for the child to be an active learner in all aspects of life. From sporting achievements to community service, the College appreciates the influence co-curricular activities can have on a child’s ability to flourish and achieve at school.

 Requests can be sent to the admissions department Feedback on your requests will be processed within a week of receiving it.