Home Payment Process


• Securing a Place.

On being offered a place, the parent or company shall pay immediately the requisite Registration Fee within one week of the offer of enrolment or the seat may be offered to another applicant.

• Withdrawal by Parent/Guardian.

If a parent/guardian desires to withdraw a child for any reason from the College, that parent/guardian shall deliver a written withdrawal notice to the College:

(i) by 15th October for withdrawal from or at any time in Term 2 of the school year; (ii) by 31st January for withdrawal from or at any time in Term 3 of the school year; or (iii) by 1st May for withdrawal at the end of Term 3 of the school year or from or at any time in Term 1 of the following school year. If a written withdrawal notice is delivered to the College during a College holiday it will be deemed received by the College on the first day in the session following the holiday.

• Refunds.

Malvern College Egypt does not grant any refunds for registration fees or bus fees.

• Attendance Conditional Upon Full Payment.

The parent/guardian accepts that a pupil's entitlement to begin or continue classes at the College is conditional upon payment in full of each term's tuition fees and all other charges for which the parent/guardian is liable. The parent/guardian shall take full responsibility to ensure that payment is made in full whether or not tuition fees and other charges are paid by the parent/guardian or the employer of one of the parents/guardians.

• Administration Charge for Late Payment.

If the parent/guardian does not pay any type of fees or charges due to the College on time, a late payment administration charge of 5% will be imposed for each week's delay in payment. However, this administration charge will not apply if an arrangement for late payment has been made with the College prior to the deadline for payment of the relevant fees or charges.

• Exclusion for Non-Payment.

In addition to any charges that may be imposed, the College reserves the right to exclude a pupil where parents/guardians fail to pay in full the tuition fees or any other sum for which a parent/guardian is liable by the payment deadline which is stated on the invoice. The College may also withhold any information, character references or property in the aforesaid circumstances. If the aforesaid circumstances persist or there are no reasonable prospects of payment by a parent/guardian, the College reserves the right to withdraw the pupil. Without prejudice to the College´s rights, the College shall endeavour to take reasonable steps to ensure that any such act does not cause direct, identifiable and unfair prejudice to the legitimate rights and interests of the pupil.