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Malvern College Egypt believes that technology has, and will continue to have, a major impact on our pupils’ lives. Committing to a single type of platform would be delivering a disservice to our pupils. Therefore we will strategically use different technological platforms; Apple and PC, as well as portable technology; iPads, to enhance the teachers’ ability to put pupils in control of the learning process, accelerating learner autonomy. The technology integration programme at MCE strives to define meaningful learning with technology as well as to help develop and support teaching staff.


Pupils use technology to collaborate with others rather than working individually at all times. Pupils use technology to make connections between new and existing knowledge, skills and understanding.


Pupils are actively engaged in using technology as a tool rather than passively receiving information from the technology.


Pupils demonstrate critical and creative thinking to solve problems, construct knowledge and develop innovative products and processes with technology.


Pupils use technology tools to link learning activities to the world beyond the instructional setting.


Pupils reflect using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify conceptual understanding and thinking, planning and creative processes.