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  1. What makes MCE different?

    • We are the only school in Egypt that is affiliated with a school in the UK.
    • All our teachers are certified to teach the UK government and hold Qualified Teacher Standing English / PGCEs.
    • All the teachers are British nationals, with the exception of teachers teaching Arabic, Social Studies, and Religion.
    • We follow the latest learning techniques and all learning resources are imported from the UK.
    • All classrooms are equipped with smart boards.
    • We have new outstanding facilities including sports areas and a 460 seat theatre.
  1. What is the involvement of the mother school, Malvern College UK?

    • MCUK works very closely with the management of Malvern College Egypt to ensure that the quality of education we provide is of a similarly high standard to other Malvern schools in the UK and overseas.
    • MCUK has regular Quality assurance visits, they conduct parent surveys, and work closely with senior management of the school.
    • Pupils have the option of participating in summer schools at Malvern College UK.
    • Upon graduation from MCE pupils will get two diplomas; one from MCE and another from MCI (Malvern College international).
  1. Is the school accredited?

    • We are licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education, IBO, Cambridge, Edexcel, and Oxford.
    • We are in the process of gaining COBIS (Council of British International Schools).
    • We are also members of the BSME (British Schools in the Middle East), we take part in sporting, drama, and musical events with other international schools.
  1. What curriculum does the school follow?

  1. Is the school following a 12 year of 13 Year programme?

    • The 13 Year Pathway

    As with Malvern College UK and most other British International Schools around the world, Malvern College Egypt also offers a system whereby pupils are able to graduate at the end of Year 13. In this pathway, pupils will complete (I)GCSE qualifications by the end of  Year 11. Pupils will then move into the Sixth Form programme to study for their final two years A-Levels or IBDP. Either of these programmes will give pupils the opportunity to achieve grades and the required number of qualifications to study at any University around the world in most cases this would not require the study of the Foundation Year course prior to the Degree.

    • The 12 Year Pathway

    Malvern College Egypt offers pupils the opportunity to graduate from Secondary School at the end of Year 12. For some pupils, who have not studied in other countries or are age appropriate to complete their studies at the end of Year 12, this will allow for application to universities throughout Egypt or onto Foundation Year courses and subsequent degrees at other universities around the world. Any pupil wishing to take this pathway will be required to take the full complement of IGCSE examinations at the end of  Year 10. They will then be able to take tailored A-Level Programme or IBDP Programme.

  1. Does the school teach Arabic and religion?

    • Yes, we follow the Ministry of Education requirements.
    • Foreign pupils holding non-Arabic speaking nationality can be exempted from Ministry subjects Arabic, Religion, and Social studies. Those who are exempted still take Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL).
  1. What are the modes of communication between home and school?

    • We have a parent portal, firefly, and newsletters.
    • In Primary School, there is regular communication through the homework School Diaries.
    • There are meetings with parents in each term to discuss in detail the performance of their children.
    • Parents are always welcome to visit the school and meet with teachers, upon appointment.
    • Parents can email teachers directly with any questions they may have.
  1. What is the school’s ethos?

    • We are part of the Malvern Group of schools with a 150 year tradition of providing excellent education.
    • We place emphasis on developing the Malvern qualities to develop the whole child, offering opportunities to participate and excel in sports, performing arts, a variety of extra curricular activities, and academic subjects.
  1. What are the activities in Primary and Secondary school?

    • Our CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) programme is very extensive and includes sports, music, drama, science, and scholarly activities. There are currently around 60 different clubs on offer. Pupils from years 3 and up stay from 2:10 to 3:10 every Wednesday for their CCA classes.
  1. Can Pupils participate in exchange programs between Malvern College Egypt and Malvern College schools in Hong Kong and China and the UK?

  1. What is the minimum age for enrolling Early Years pupils?

    • We welcome applications from age 2 years 6 months for Pre nursery, 3 years and 6 months for Nursery, and 4 years 6 months for Reception.
  1. What is the class size?

  1. Is there a bus service, to which areas?

    • Yes, we have a comprehensive bus service to all main residential areas in Cairo and Giza.
  1. What are the documents required to transfer to MCE?

    • All documents required can be found on the below link :