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Tuesday saw Lewis play their first match in the House chess competition, and Elgar played their second match. Mohamed (Lewis) played Zeyad (Elgar) on the top table and they certainly drew the biggest crowd. Mohamed’s tactics seemed to be to get an early advantage on the lock, but he made a few blunders early on and lost his queen in the process. Despite this he had a huge time advantage. However, Zeyad proved to be a mastermind and checkmated with minutes left on his clock. Aly (Elgar) also stepped up as House Captain for his first game, but his Lewis opponent did not show. This means he received an automatic win. Further down the tables Youssef (Elgar) proved himself by beating Mohamed (Lewis), giving Elgar a 3-0 lead as the final game was being played. In this game, Mohamed’s cousin Tamer was able to achieve a consolation for Lewis against Youssef (Elgar). The game was very tense as the clock ran down and Youssef’s time ran out, despite having an advantage in pieces on the board. This meant the final game went to Lewis and the overall score was 3-1. Next week, Lewis will play Foster who must win to give them any chance of staying in the competition.

May 9, 2019
House Chess Competition

House Chess Competition 18/19

May 6, 2019
MCE's Got Talent 18/19

MCE’s Got Talent 18/19

May 2, 2019
Inter-house Debate 18/19

Inter-house Debate 18/19

April 24, 2019
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