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At Malvern College Egypt we believe in the importance of educating and supporting the whole child and recognise the needs for physical health, extra academic challenge and engagement. As you can see from the schedule for Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) it includes many activities: ranging from learning a new language, playing an instrument, taking an art class, and others choosing to participate in physical activities such as football, Judo, Body Balance or swimming.

We hope that all the activities we offer will provide pupils with an opportunity to make some decisions, feel proud of themselves as they learn new things. The benefits of co-curricular activity in schools have been extensively researched and it has been found that pupils who participate in these activities develop higher academic results, better relationships at school, and are more likely to lead healthy, active lifestyles when they leave school.

Pupils also feel a greater sense of belonging and have a higher self-esteem at school when they participate in structured sporting, performing arts and other activities. In addition, the co-curricular opportunities we provide makes for a more motivated and engaged group of pupils, which leads to a happier and more cohesive College. Please think very carefully when choosing the activities, you would like your child to participate in and remember that your child is making a commitment to attend every week for the whole term.

CCA is running every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks from 2:10 PM to 3:10 PM. Where possible, we will try to allocate pupils to their first-choice activity but please understand that this is not always possible because some activities have a limited number of spaces available.

As the College continues to go from strength to strength and numbers grow, we would like to ensure our CCA programme continues to be diverse, exciting and dynamic. We are always looking for assistance and ideas and would welcome any thoughts or suggestions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can assist in any way or have contacts we may be able to use in the future.

Our extensive Co-Curricular Activities programme has begun! Here at Malvern College Egypt our pupils can enjoy a widespread CCA programme including learning various musical instruments, exercising the pupils’ sporting abilities at various levels, cooking, ballet, karaoke, samba and many more!