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A School with Numerous Pathways

All mainstream classes at Malvern College Tokyo aim to follow in our family school’s footsteps. Pupils in the senior school may have the option to study at other Malvern College schools, subject to fulfilling relevant entry requirements, including The Downs Malvern (from Year 7), Malvern College UK (from Year 9), Malvern College Hong Kong, Malvern College Chengdu and Malvern College Switzerland (for IGCSE, A-levels or IB). 

Connecting to the Future World

Malvern College is renowned for its visionary approach to education. We believe digital technology is vital in supporting our international education for primary and middle school so, in addition to the comprehensive digital services throughout our campus, we will offer innovative classes in advanced technologies. 

These may include robotics, ‘App’ development, electronics, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D CAD design and printing, virtual reality, and digital media. There will also be opportunities to study engineering principles, research and development techniques, and, by working as part of a team, to enter international technology competitions. Through these activities, we aim to inspire pupils to become tomorrow’s innovators, encouraging them to unleash their imaginations and create their own innovative solutions.

Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneurial Education is an important component of our curriculum, supporting the development of the Malvern Qualities in a way which transforms the concept of entrepreneurialism beyond a narrow business-focused definition. In both primary and secondary school entrepreneurial spirit is inextricably embedded in our curriculum and in the Malvern Qualities. We encourage pupils to think critically and creatively, to be independent and to take risks in their learning. Our curriculum provides scope to pursue ‘down to earth’ entrepreneurial opportunities in daily activities. These activities give pupils the opportunity to think ‘outside the box’ and to display originality and problem solving in their thoughts and ideas.


We aspire to create the next generation of innovative, inspirational environmentalists. Through our sustainability programmes, we aim to demonstrate measures to our local community that proactively protect our planet and furthermore, motivate our pupils to actively engage with environmental issues throughout their lives.​

We aim at offering a Forest School programme delivered by qualified teachers who possess Level Three Forest School Certificates. Our Forest-School is for children aged 3 to 6 years old. Even on windy or rainy days (except in times of extreme weather or heavy pollution), under the guidance of our teachers, the children will be outside, embracing nature. When children learn this way, their five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) become heightened in response to the natural stimuli around them. Through a range of teaching activities children learn about animals, plants, and the colourful natural world and through play; they also learn to take risks and gradually, their independence and self-confidence grows.

As part of our Forest School programme, we plan to establish an educational farm within the school campus and work to receive an Eco School Green Flag. Under the guidance of our teachers, the aim is to provide pupils with opportunities to learn gardening and use greenhouse techniques to grow fruits and vegetables. We also hope to give them opportunities to hatch chicks and ducklings.  After harvesting the fruits and vegetables they have grown, they will hand everything to the school chefs to use in the kitchen! From farm to table, from the classroom to the outdoors, from the sports field to the planting area, students and teachers will work together to understand the relationship between people, nature, life, the environment, and ecology.

Integration of British and Japanese Culture

We fully embrace the Japanese language and culture in our curriculum and provide mandatory daily Japanese classes for all pupils in classes grouped according to their language ability, whether they are beginners or advanced speakers. Our neighbourhood in Kodaira also provides with us a host of unique and transformational educational opportunities from natural exploration to culture, arts, and sustainability projects. Pupils will also have the opportunity to join exchange and residential learning programmes at other Malvern College schools around the world. By combining our British heritage with the Japanese culture, Malvern College Tokyo will also promote the development of essential skills including etiquette and public speaking, as well as soft skills and personal attributes such as confidence, interpersonal and social skills, enabling all our pupils to learn how to show an awareness of others and how to put people at ease in social situations.