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Gap Students from the UK! Academic Year 2017/2018

I am really looking forward to spending my time at Malvern College Egypt and making use of all the fantastic opportunities available. I await the opportunity to work with the PR and Marketing department within the school, however I am also a keen musician who plays the guitar, violin and sings. In addition, I have a great love of sports, my favourites of which are tennis and football. I am taking a Gap Year after completing my education at Malvern College as Head of House of School House. My goal upon completing my gap year is to study a Combined Honours Degree of Economics and Geography at Exeter University. I am excited to meet new friends and colleagues, experiencing a different culture and gaining valuable
experiences, whilst also getting to know the pupils and building a good relationship with them. I am sure a great time awaits me in Cairo, and I look forward to the rest of the
Autumn Term.Sebastian Hubbard

Born in Moscow, I started attending a school very similar to Malvern College Egypt, where all of my classes were taught in English. Following my elder sister’s footsteps, I decided to attend a boarding school in England and that was when through my own research I found Malvern College UK, hence starting to live abroad for the first time in my life. During my years at Malvern, I was very keen on sports and academics and was always enthusiastic to try new activities such as House Singing and House Drama competitions. During my 6th form career, which I would consider being the two most incredible years of my life, I realised that I am not ready to dive straight into university and go back to studying, but that I wanted to travel, help people, meet new faces, and just enjoy my time as an 18-year- old. Malvern College Egypt has been all of these thus far.

In December, when my time here at Malvern College Egypt will come to an end, I plan to travel to Indonesia and India to volunteer in local hospitals, which will be great experience for the course that I want to do in Northeastern University where I will begin studying in September 2018.

With the intention of studying International Relations and Spanish at Exeter University next year, I decided to come to work at Malvern College Egypt as a Gap Assistant to not only experience the
vibrant Arabic culture first hand, but also to broaden my skillset. I am principally working in the PR and Marketing department but I am also hoping to get involved with all aspects of school life. My
passion for languages means that I am keen to help out in the EAL department and Language CCA’s and with Drama being another pursuit of mine, I am looking forward to getting involved with school productions too. In addition to enjoying the Arts, I am a keen hiker, so much so, I successfully completed the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and recently trekked across Iceland. I hope to be able to pass my own experiences on to the pupils, as well as learning a lot from them too. Over the next year I aim to fully immerse myself in the Malvern College Egypt community, helping out wherever is required and making invaluable memories.Francesca Descher

September 17, 2018
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Our new Gap Students from the UK! Academic Year 2017/2018

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