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Gap Students from the UK! Academic Year 2018/2019

Our Gap Students from the UK! Academic Year 2018/2019

Looking back to five years ago, I was a nervous new student who was about to start her adventure through GCSE’s and A levels at Malvern College.

After completing that wonderful adventure, I could not be happier to have been given this opportunity to work as a ‘Gappy’ at Malvern College Egypt. I am excited to help out in all aspects of the school including the Personal Resources and Human Resources departments and taking new perspective parents on tours around the school. I am keen to throw myself entirely into school life and Egypt in order to get the full life experience that I will carry on with me when my three months have come to an end. After this experience I will be heading home for a week or two and then out to the Alps to become a Chalet Girl on the slopes for the six-month ski season and progressing on to travel around Europe until my next adventure of University begins.

Overall, I am looking forward to the opportunities that Cairo and MCE can provide me with and am very thankful to have been given this amazing opportunity.

I am a 21-year-old Business Management undergraduate student from Manchester Metropolitan University, I am currently in my 3rdyear. I was given the incredible opportunity to partake in an Intern role at Malvern College Egypt where I shall be integrating with the Business Studies department and assisting the classes, partaking with the CCA’s and gaining a wider experience within the Marketing, PR and HR departments. Throughout my time here in Egypt I shall be looking to explore the wonderful sights that Cairo has to offer as well as playing for the local rugby club.

Previous to moving to Cairo I have travelled around Asia, Australia and Europe, during these trips I gained invaluable skills and knowledge of which I will aim to further improve during my year at Malvern College Egypt.