Home Theatre


The theatre is well designed with the finest technical tools and devices from sound, light, display, and control room.

  • 4 “Yamaha 10” monitor speakers on the stage for performers use.
  • 6 “Yamaha house 12” speakers hanged all around theatre walls for higher sound quality for the audience.
  • Ceiling speakers to help in the distribution of sound effectively and prevent sound reflection.
  • 2 PTZ cameras one on the theatre stage and one getting the whole theatre displayed in the control room.
  • 16 beam moving head and 8 warm spot bars, 8 wash light devices, and 24 RGB lead bars which will make shows more entertaining.
  • 3 EPSON projectors displaying on one main screen in the middle of the theatre and two side screens on both sides of the stage for more display options.
  • “Tiger Touch” light mixer with touch screen features and 60 channels for better control on moving heads. “Yamaha TF3” digital sound mixer with touch screen feature, 24 channel and ready to accept another 24 channels by TIO device connected by “cat6” cable, 2 digital effects and records events on any external hardware device.
  • CD player with 6 cd changer options in addition to a USB port.
  • TIO device 24 XLR Banana Cable port that is used to transfer data from the stage to the mixer in the control room.