Bus Policy & Rules

Bus transportation to and from the College is offered every day to pupils. To ensure travelling on the school bus is comfortable, safe and pleasant for all, the following rules must be adhered to:

  • No food is permitted to be consumed on the buses – only water
  • The maximum speed our buses can go is 80 km/h
  • Buses will wait only 2 minutes maximum for the pupil outside the pupils’ home and then leave
  • Buses are not permitted to change route nor to return to pick up the pupil
  • Only one pickup and drop-off address is permitted per pupil

Pupils must:

  • Put on the seat belts provided at all times
  • Not move around the bus once it is in motion
  • Be courteous in their behaviour both to each other as well as to their driver and the bus matron
  • Wait at the assigned place and time for the morning and afternoon pick up
  • Be on time for departure from the College and from home
  • Talk quietly and politely to one another
  • Treat each other with respect
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Only depart from the bus at his/her designated stop
  • Follow the rules so as to not distract the driver
  • Use headphones to listen to music
  • Ask the bus matron for any help needed on the bus
  • Not give tips or gifts to the bus matrons or drivers

Number of pupils per bus:

Small buses:

Maximum number of pupils: 12

Minimum number of pupils: 6 (in order to open a new route)

Big buses:

Maximum number of pupils: 24

Minimum number of pupils: 14 (in order to open a new route)

Bus Matrons

On every bus, there is a bus matron whose main duty is to look after the pupils on the bus. Pupils are expected to treat matrons, as with all adults at the College, with the utmost of respect at all times. The matrons are trained in emergency procedures and have received First Aid courses from the Egyptian Red Crescent. Matrons are also trained to maintain discipline and order on the bus. Bus drivers and bus matrons have all been trained to provide a smooth and safe process for those on the bus.


If parents have a complaint about the buses, they will be able to contact the bus matrons. If the bus matrons would like to report an issue regarding a pupil, the bus matron will file an incident report to the respective Head of Stage, which will then be investigated and circulated to the respective parents if deemed necessary.

How to Apply

Parents may apply for the bus service by contacting the transportation department through the following methods:

Hotline: 19198

School number: 02-26144400


Please make sure to provide your detailed address listed, your name, and the pupils’ name, year and student ID code.

Lost Property

If your child has lost something, please contact Reception or check the Lost & Found office in the College.


We will endeavor to keep you informed of any transport problems. If there are significant delays in transport or in cases of emergencies, parents will be contacted by one or more of two methods: SMS Messaging System through your mobile telephones and/or personal contact via phone-call. Parents will be able to communicate with the matrons of the bus via telephone on a day-to-day basis for any needs that may arise.

Early Leave

Parents who would like to collect their children before the dismissal times are kindly requested to make a request through the Parent Portal or by sending an email to at least 24 hours prior to the change. If your child is not feeling well during the school day, the College doctor will request an early leave and contact the parent to arrange an early pick up.

Bus changes

If you need to change the address for your child to be picked up and dropped off, please notify our transportation department at the earliest availability. The deadline for this is at least 1 week before the change in address, in order to ensure we have enough time to check route and bus availability. Please note that we cannot accept one-off changes as all routes are carefully planned in advance.


Bus fees that have already been paid are non-refundable, even if your child has not begun to use the bus service.  

Routes                                                                                                                           Fees (LE per year)

Maadi / New Cairo (Tagamoaa) / Rehab City / Mokattam                                                         15,000

Nasr City / Heliopolis                                                                                                            18,000

Madinaty / Shorouk / El Obour / El Oraby City / Giza / 6th of October                                       20,000

Bus routes

Routes and pick up times are continually monitored through GPS to ensure the best available routes. Bus routes are scheduled to reach the maximum capability of efficiency to and from the College. Currently, our transport network covers a variety of routes in the following areas:

New Cairo (Tagamoaa)
Rehab City
Nasr City
El Shorouk
El Obour
Ahmed Oraby (Obour city)
Giza (Dokki , Zamalek, Manial)
6th of October city


For more information, please contact the transportation department via our College’s hotline: 19198. If you need to contact someone after school hours, please contact one of the following: