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As a follow-up to the MCE Languages Day that took place earlier this year, Mariam Atef, the Languages Prefect, organized an Inter-House cooking competition on 28th March. All the Secondary school prefects battled it out having only one hour to invent a pasta sauce and bake and decorate cupcakes. They pulled a country out of a hat which informed what their secret ingredient was and what flag their cupcakes had to replicate. There was a great display of collaboration within the House teams and also between teams – everyone pulled out all the stops to make sure it was a success for all the chefs. They challenged themselves to invent new dishes and the overall display of food on offer was outstanding! Thank you to our four judges – Mrs. Isabel Pante, Mr. Richard Moore, Ms. Basma El Kersh and Mr. Iain Driscoll – for judging the competition. It would appear that the food on offer was definitely of an excellent standard, judging by the way in which they tucked into all the dishes! Well done Foster for winning this competition! Bon appétit!

April 3, 2019
Great House Bake Off 2018/19

Great House Bake Off 18/19

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