August 8, 2017

Al Azhar Park – Reception

To link in with the Reception children’s topic of ‘growing’ we were able to take part in a variety of activities provided by WESC within Al Azhar Park.  Again, we have many mothers to thank for accompanying us on this very successful outing.  The day was warm, however the WESC staff had set out blankets under the shade of the trees and ensured that the toilets nearby were clean and open for the children.  
August 8, 2017

Kidzania – Nursery

The Nursery trip to Kidzania couldn’t have taken place without so many of our wonderful parents volunteering to join us. This meant that we were able to have a 1 adult to 3 children ratio, which ensured that all of our children could have the most fun possible whilst staying safe. Our day began with everyone piling onto the MCE buses, strapping on the seatbelts and setting off up the road to Kidzania. We were met by the professional staff who had each child issued with their individual security bracelet. Once inside Kidzania, the fun could begin. Each child with […]