March 5, 2018
Mural at Elgar House Charity

Mural at Elgar House Charity

Mural at Elgar House Charity Our Student Leaders Prefects and Art department have been very busy this week painting a fantastic wildlife mural on the wall of the charity ‘Branches of the Vine’ in Maadi. Elgar House, one of our four houses, have chosen to support ‘Branches of the Vine’ charity, which care for children with disabilities. A huge thank you to all the time and effort that went in to creating this masterpiece.  
February 6, 2018
Sitara Trip

Sitara Trip 2017/18

Sitara Trip 2017/18 The Reception and Year 1 children were able to enjoy a wonderful trip to the Sitara Theater at Porto Cairo Mall on Sunday morning to see the show, Little Red Riding Hood. The Year 1 children had the opportunity to join in and do some acting and demonstrated outstanding self-confidence and the ability to perform in front of an audience. Please see the photos below showing the children enjoying their time at Sitara.  
December 28, 2017
Shoe Box Gifts

Shoe Box Gifts 2017/18

The Malvern College School Council delivered shoeboxes filled with hygiene items, toys, educational stationery and treats to the children of Al Shaimaa Primary school on Tuesday 19th December. Our families had responded so generously when we launched our shoeboxes campaign this year, and we were overwhelmed to be able to share over 220 shoeboxes with children who are less fortunate than our Malvern College students. The children and staff at Al Shaimaa Primary school were so excited to meet with our staff and students and to receive the wonderful shoeboxes.  
December 18, 2017
Football Tournament

Football Tournament 2017/18

We took 5 teams to participate in the Finals tournament at NCBIS. Teachers, teachers from other schools and parents have all commented on how well our students behaved and what good ambassadors for the school they were. The PE department is very proud of the efforts and contributions that students have made to sport at MCE.  
December 3, 2017

Wadi Degla Trip 2017/18

On Sunday this week, Year 3 went to Wadi Degla Protectorate to work with the Wadi Degla Environmental Science Centre on a variety activities about rocks and soils. This was a fantastic practical day, which helped to reinforce our Science work in school. The children really enjoyed this educational visit; it was valuable to their learning but also lots of fun!  
October 31, 2017

Chocolate Factory Trip 2017/18

Mmm! Year 4 students enjoyed a mouth-watering visit to the Chocolate Ganache Français factory this week. They got to learn about where cocoa beans come from and all the processes that go into making chocolate. They even were lucky enough to be able to flavour their own chocolate and sample the fruits of their labour. What a fun trip before the Half-term break!  
October 31, 2017

FUE Dentistry Trip 2017/18

In Science this term we are learning about teeth. Year 4 had the pleasure of  visiting the Future University in Egypt Dentistry department, to see all the dentists busy at work. The children got to experience what its like to be a dentist, handle the equipment, look at X-rays, give an examination, and say good bye to cavities. It was an exciting and educational trip for all.
August 8, 2017

Farm Visit WESC

We had a delightful visit from WESC this week and the children from Pre Nursery to Year Two had the opportunity to see the animals that they brought with them. There were two buffalo, four playful goats, two rabbits, three Egyptian tortoises and a hedgehog. The children enjoyed touching and stroking these animals and learning all about them. The highlight of the day was when the hedgehog made a dash for freedom and surprised everyone with his speed. Was it Sonic the Hedgehog? My thanks to Miss Clark for organising this m   WESC The WESC team brought a selection […]
August 8, 2017

Pharaonic Village

World Environment Day As part of our topic on Ancient Egypt, Year 3 enjoyed a very interesting trip to the Pharaonic Village. As well as having a lot of fun, our children learned some very interesting bits of information to help with their understanding of how people lived in Egypt in the past.  
August 8, 2017

Malvern College UK Summer Camp

Three boys, Matthew, Bishoy and Karim made Malvern College Egypt history when they became the first, of we hope many, to visit Malvern College UK. Joining a summer camp of other students from Malvern College Qingdao and Chengdu the boys were under the stewardship of Paul Wickes, a Malvern College housemaster and politics teacher, as well as a team of seasoned activity assistants. The nervousness of meeting so many new people in a new country was quickly replaced by excitement and anticipation of the weeks to come. The course offered two major opportunities for the students. The first was intensive […]