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Back Pack Initiative Trip 2018/19

Back Pack Initiative Trip

Mrs Dibb-Holland would like to convey a heartfelt and sincere THANK YOU to every family within MCE who donated a backpack for our initiative this year. The children this year who benefitted from your generosity were from Mostafa Kamel School. The children lined up to receive their backpacks and they were so excited as our children handed them their gifts. The faces of the littlest children through to the bigger ones were so happy they all lit up with a huge smile as they opened each one to see the wonderful things you had put inside. I am so proud of our students too, each and every one of them was an absolute credit to the College. They engaged with the children and the adults at the school, their warmth and sincerity simply shone through. I found them to be so reflective on the buses on the way home about the experience and the impact it had upon them. Each of them were living the Malvern qualities this morning and are clearly developing their individual social consciences.

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