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At MCE We Value Our Parents.

 Parent Representatives

Each class is represented by a parent representative. These are normally appointed on a first volunteer first appointed system. The role also can be shared if appropriate.

The primary function of the Class Rep is to facilitate communication between class teachers and parents in relation to  volunteers for the classroom or special events.The Class Reps also facilitate the social interaction among families in the school community.

Their role is not to have involvement in the day-to-day teaching of the class but to be the liaison between the school and its  families.

Class Reps are not to be used to help other parents express concerns/grievances against the teacher or other members of staff. These class representatives form the backbone of our parents association or FoMCE. The FoMCE Executive Committee plays an active role in the community at MCE.


The object of FoMCE is to sustain and support the College, in particular by:

  • enhancing and enriching the life of the students at the College through financial and other support.
  • strengthening the links between the College and the local community.
  • assisting the College by providing voluntary help and advice.

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