Farm Visit WESC

We had a delightful visit from WESC this week and the children from Pre Nursery to Year Two had the opportunity to see the animals that they brought with them. There were two buffalo, four playful goats, two rabbits, three Egyptian tortoises and a hedgehog. The children enjoyed touching and stroking these animals and learning all about them. The highlight of the day was when the hedgehog made a dash for freedom and surprised everyone with his speed. Was it Sonic the Hedgehog? My thanks to Miss Clark for organising this m



The WESC team brought a selection of animals into MCE for the children to have a first hand experience of caring for them.  The animals that visited MCE were an hedgehog, two rabbits, a couple of tortoises, a group of goats and two buffalo cows.  Each small group of children were able to touch the animals under the supervision of the WESC staff team.  The children were able to find out were the animals live – their habitats, and the kind of food they eat.  This unique experience, very generously funded by MCE, was extremely beneficial to our children many of whom had never seen any of these animals up close.  To see the children’s faces whilst they grew in confidence in gently touching and petting the animals was magical.