Malvern College Egypt


Our parents are an integral and supportive part of our community.

All parents and teachers are automatically members of the Friends of Malvern and many parents will choose to become active in the association. Parents can choose to serve on the Friends of Malvern Committee, act as Class Parent Representatives, take part in social activities, or volunteer to help with the many charitable events which the Friends of Malvern intend to support.

A number of parents are involved in the after-school activities programme. If you would like to lead an activity or help with an activity, we would very much like to hear from you. Parents with an interest in art and craft and sports are particularly in demand.

Similarly, we intend to offer activities for parents during the school day, from exercise classes to conversational English.

Friends of Malvern will welcome new families to the College and offer significant support to families settling into life at the College and in Cairo.

If you would like to get involved in the Friends of Malvern, or find out more about upcoming events, please email: headmaster@malverncollege.edu.eg