April 15, 2018
family park trip

Family Park Trip 2017/18

The Reception children enjoyed an educational and fun visit to the family park on Thursday 12th April.  The purpose of the visit was to explore the outdoors and to learn some more about plants.  The children took a train ride around the park and took part in a scavenger hunt to identify plants and mini-beasts.  
April 10, 2018

MCE’s Pupils at Stoke City

Following the recent Stoke City Football Skills camp at Malvern College Egypt, two lucky MCE students won a trip to England to visit Stoke City ground and training centre for themselves. They were joined by other MCE students for the trip and have had an amazing time at the stadium, meeting players and taking part in training too.  
March 29, 2018

Nursery Sitara Trip 2017/18

Nursery Sitara Trip 2017/18 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! The Nursery children were so well behaved and represented Malvern College in such a positive way during our morning at Sitara for the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt workshop. Each class watched the actors perform the story for us, which was so exciting and extremely enjoyable. This was followed by a short break, after which each class got to go on their very own Bear Hunt! Whilst one class were going on the Bear Hunt, the other three classes participated in role playing the bear in the bear cave, […]
March 22, 2018
Secondary Trips Week 2017/18

Ski Trip 2017/18

Ski Trip 2017/18 Time to visit the dark side of the mountain and shine there.  ”When in a dark place we meet, a little more knowledge will light our way” Well achieved apprentices!  
March 22, 2018
Pharaonic Village Trip

Pharaonic Village Trip 2017/18

Pharaonic Village Trip 2017/18 Earlier this week Year 3 went to the Pharaonic Village in Giza to reinforce and enrich their topic on Ancient Egypt. They travelled back in time to look at various scenes from Ancient Egyptian daily life being acted out beside the River Nile – they loved watching this from a boat! They also visited a replica tomb of Tutankhamun and participated in an art activity where they painted a pharaonic boat. Finally, they enjoyed lunch with their friends in the restaurant, before returning back to school tired but happy. This was a very engaging and valuable […]
March 22, 2018
Secondary Trips Week 2017/18

London Trip 2017/18

London Trip 2017/18 We went to the incredible British Museum, a highlight was seeing the Rosetta Stone. The students were amazed at the variety of Egyptian Artefacts on display. Afterwards we had lunch in Camden Market and then spent time window-shopping on Oxford Street. We will be having dinner in Covent Garden followed by watching a performance of the ‘Woman in Black